Ramin and Fleur


cropped-266187_10151063094471084_599508267_o.jpgHello! *warm handshake* if this is the first time we’ve met you and *big friendly hug* from then on! My name is Fleur Missaghian and I am from Wales, U.K. I am married to Ramin, a gentle German giant who has MS and we have a three legged cat who I sing to every morning.

You might also be interested to know that  we are Baha’is, which means that we believe that all the religions are from one God. We follow the teachings of Baha’u’llah and are active members in our local community.

Fleur is a qualified drama teacher and English as a foreign language teacher. She also sings, leads singing workshops and choirs, writes music and recently achieved a Masters degree in Drama.  Ramin is a fashionista with a Degree from Aberystwyth Uni in Film and Television. He worked for a few years in the German film and television industry before he became ill with Multiple Sclerosis. We love to read, walk and swim together, are frequently at the cinema and  we visit the theatre very often too. Fleur adores animals and is very interested in engineering – mainly because it reminds her of lego, which she used to love as a child. Ramin’s into 50 Cent, German Rap, David Lynch and The Godfather. We speak German and English,  Fleur is learning Mandarin Chinese and we are about to start learning French.

You can learn more about Fleur’s creative projects on her website here: Creative Voice.



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